San Francisco Giants Midseason Grades: Offense, Defense and Pitching


Jun 26, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (28) celebrates a two run home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Like many other areas for the Giants right now, the offense has been inconsistent. At the beginning of the season, the Giants’ offense is what carried them and won games for them. They were getting solid production from Brandon Crawford, Gregor Blanco, Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval, and, of course, Buster Posey. Marco Scutaro, a 2013 NL All-Star, struggled in the beginning of the season, but he has been hitting very well since then.

However, in June, Pence, Sandoval, Crawford, and Blanco were all in hitting slumps. Blanco has looked a little more consistent recently, and Sandoval and Crawford have started to get out of their slump, but the Giants will not make a playoff run unless Pence steps up and gets more timely hits.

Angel Pagan’s absence due to a torn hamstring certainly didn’t help the Giants’ offensive production. Before Angel Pagan got injured, the Giants averaged 4.51 runs per game (up until May 25th). Now, the Giants are averaging 4.02 runs per game.

The one consistency in the Giants’ offense is Posey, a 2013 NL All-Star. The reigning NL MVP is hitting .325 (tied for fourth in the NL) this season with 13 home runs, 56 RBI’s, a .395 OBP, a .536 slugging percentage, and a .931 OPS.

As a team, the Giants are hitting .264, which ranks third in the NL. However, they’re sixth in the NL with a .319 OBP, 10th in the NL with a .388 slugging percentage, and 10th in the NL with a .707 OPS.

Grade for the offense: B-

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