NBA Lockout Update Part 2

As promised, NBA owners and players met again today in an attempt to further discussions regarding the lockout. Their meeting lasted about 5 1/2 hours like yesterday’s meeting, and also like yesterday, both sides are remaining quiet about if any progress has been made. Although it was mentioned yesterday that there was a possibility of a third consecutive meeting on Friday, both sides agreed to instead meet next week on Tuesday in New York. This was planned so that more players and more owners could attend, and therefore, hopefully more can be discussed.

After Tuesday’s meeting, there could potentially be another meeting in New York on Wednesday and then each side will update their members on Thursday. The owners have planned a meeting in Dallas on Thursday, and the players are planning to meet in Las Vegas because about 40 of them are planning on playing in a pro-only league at the Impact Basketball Academy. There won’t be any formal votes or decisions being made at these meetings on Thursday, but each side will have a much greater view on if the season can be salvaged. If both sides want to ensure that training camp happens, a decision will definitely have to be made soon though.

Marc Stein, senior writer for ESPN NBA, was interviewed today and said that both meetings this week and the scheduled meeting next week proves to be “a good sign.” Watch the rest of his interview:

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