Warriors Players Plan Their Own Training Camp

According the Matt Steinmetz, David Lee, Stephen Curry, and other players on the Warriors have organized their own training camp, since they are not allowed to come in contact with the coaching staff or the front office. Lee, Curry, and Wright are expected to play in the “lockout league” that’s being held in Las Vegas. After the first week of play in this league, the Warriors “training camp” will start. The Warriors players that are expected to participate are: David Lee (who’s organizing hotel rooms and other logistics), Stephen Curry (who’s contacting all the players), Dorell Wright, Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Lou Amundson, Jeremy Lin, Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler, and Charles Jenkins. David Lee said this impromptu training camp is meant to create chemistry. Lee explains, “More than anything it’s just us all getting together. We’re just trying to stay on the same page. Normally, at this time we’re getting ready back in Oakland, and so we’re just doing that somewhere else. It’s about getting to know the new guys and getting everyone excited about the season — whenever the season is. It will be good workouts and good competition.”

Read more of Matt Steinmetz’ article about the training camp here.

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