Matt Steinmetz Chat 9/7/11

Disclaimer: Yes, this is another Matt-Steinmetz-related post. Expect many more in the future.

Matt Steinmetz usually has a weekly chat where anyone can come and voice their opinion or ask him questions about pretty much anything. The chat is generally about the Warriors and various NBA topics, but it can often stray into a broader range of very entertaining topics.

This week’s chat was the first in what seems like a long time. Because of the lockout, the chat has been called off in recent weeks, so I was definitely looking forward to another chat. This week, many topics were discussed including the NBA lockout, the Warriors coaching staff, the Warriors rookies this year, the 49ers matchup against the Seahawks this weekend, the Warriors’ many roster problems, and of course, a Monta vs. Steph debate.

This is another Steinmetz must-read, so check it out!

Click here, and then click on replay. Enjoy!

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