A Day in the Life of Giants’ In-Game Reporter Amy G

Photo courtesy Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area

Photo courtesy Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area

This is a normal day.

A fan stumbles up the steps with a grin from ear to ear and slurs, “Hi, so my friends and I wanted to know, do you score games?”

She’s heard this many times before, but she answers respectfully and charmingly, as always. She replies, “Yes, I do!”

Scoring a game is a special pastime for San Francisco Giants’ in-game reporter Amy Gutierrez, or Amy G, as she’s known by the fans. When I got the chance to shadow her during the Giants’ game against the Cincinnati Reds on June 27th, she informed me that the question she gets asked the most during games is, ironically, “Do you score?” That one simple moment of the fan asking her this question connects all aspects of her life now.

Read the full story at Golden Gate Sports.

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