LGW: Stephen Curry Interview With Dan Patrick: #DubBracket, NCAA Tournament, And Playoff Goatees

(Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

(Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

Stephen Curry is a superstar on and off the court. He has the confidence but also the humility of a true star.

On Monday, Curry displayed this confidence on the Dan Patrick Show when he discussed his chances in the #DubBracket Challenge, the three-point shooting bracket challenge that Golden State Warriors’ players and coaches — although only head coach Mark Jackson remains alive after one round — are participating in, his defense, and more.

Curry came out and declared that he will win the Warriors’ #DubBracket Challenge.

“Guarantee it,” Curry said. “Klay Thompson will not be happy about that.”

Patrick questioned this statement, because he pointed out how Mark Jackson was able to beat him in a three-point shootout earlier in the season. Curry explained that he lost to Jackson because he was icing his shoulders right before they started shooting.

Curry also displayed confidence when discussing his defense, which has been highly criticized over the course of his career.

Patrick asked Curry, “Can you guard anybody?”

Curry answered without hesitation, “Of course.”

Curry credits his defense to his quick hands and his peskiness. He also claims that he tries to make his opponent uncomfortable on defense. These are all reasons why Curry believes that he could shut down Coach Jackson if he were to guard him.

“Shooting threes, he got the best of me one day, but I don’t think he can score on me,” Curry said about Coach Jackson.

Read more about Curry’s thoughts on the NCAA Tournament, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and the Warriors’ plans for playoff goatees at Let’s Go Warriors.

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