LGW: Golden State Warriors And March Madness

Credit:  (AP)

Credit: (AP)

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has officially begun. March Madness is sweeping the nation and the Golden State Warriors’ locker room.

Many of the Warriors’ players have created their own brackets and are participating in various bracket challenges.

For his monthly #SC30 contest, Stephen Curry started his second annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. Fans were able to enter their bracket into the SC30Bracket group, and the fan that finishes the challenge with the most points wins a pair of his Under Armour birthday shoes.

(Photo from Let's Go Warriors Instagram)

(Photo from Let’s Go Warriors Instagram)

Harrison Barnes is participating in the Red Bull Bracket Challenge along other athletes, including some NBA players such as John Wall and Anthony Davis. Here’s Harrison’s bracket:


In addition to creating their own brackets, the Warriors are have created their own March Madness Tournament in the form of a three-point shooting bracket challenge, which we are hashtagging on Twitter as #DubBracket.

It all started during the Warriors’ past road trip when they held three-point contests between players and coaches.

Here’s Laurence Scott with an update on the bracket challenge as well from this past Wednesday:

Read the rest of the article and see what the #DubBracket looks like at Let’s Go Warriors.

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