Golden State Warriors: Are They Championship Contenders?

2. The signing of Andre Iguodala gives them one of the best starting fives in the NBA.

July 11, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Andre Iguodala (left) poses for a photo with Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers (right) in a press conference after a sign-and-trade deal for Iguodala to become a Golden State Warriors player at the Warriors Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Iguodala will have an immense impact on this team. On the court, Iguodala does a little bit of everything. He can score in many different ways, he can shoot, rebound, pass, and defend. He personifies the word versatile, and he will complement the Warriors’ core players nicely.

He also will provide the Warriors with some versatility in terms of the lineups they can use. Iguodala can play point forward, which would allow Curry to play off the ball, like how the Warriors used Jarrett Jack last season. If the Warriors choose to go small, Iguodala can play at small forward and Barnes could play power forward.

Iguodala immediately injects more ruthless defense into the starting lineup. Barnes will most likely come off the bench now that Iguodala will start, but Iguodala will help, not hinder, Barnes’ development because of his veteran leadership and work ethic. He will be a great mentor to Barnes and the other young players on this team.

Iguodala also thrives in the open court. Because of his stellar defense and his athleticism, the Warriors will be able to get into transition more, which is when they’re at their best. Iguodala could help the Warriors become a top-four team in the Western Conference.

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