Stephen Curry Wants to be a Warrior

Warriors fans can stop panicking. Their beloved point guard, Stephen Curry, is not only going to be on the Warriors this upcoming season, but he also wants to be the starting point guard for the Warriors for a long time to come. Earlier today, the Charlotte Observer released an article that merely suggested that Curry would be happy playing for the Charlotte Bobcats, because he’d be back in his hometown and around his family. The article started as a simple interview, which involved Curry discussing potential added “pressure” if he were to play in his hometown on a regular basis. Read what Curry had to say in the original article here.

Then, the media did what the media does best. They flipped this story from a harmless interview into a wild frenzy of confused fans. Slam Online released the story this afternoon with the headline: “Stephen Curry Wants to Play for the Charlotte Bobcats … Some Day.” This headline is so incredibly misleading, when really the interview was just basic speculation on Curry’s part. Read Slam Online’s article here.

Amongst the chaos, Curry managed to send out two tweets that must have soothed the minds of many concerned, distraught Warriors fans. The first tweet read: “Probably #nobodycarestho. But… If you have read a certain rumor today, plz don’t confuse my love for my fam as a WISH to play in Charlotte.” The second read: “I’m #GSW for life and ready for the long haul. Just answering a question about the pressure of family in my hometown. Ok that’s all. Thanks.” Warriors fans have got to appreciate Curry’s honesty and class in this unnecessarily dramatic situation. Stephen Curry is a classy, smart man who has shown he wants to play for the Warriors for as long as possible. Hopefully, the Warriors organization sees his loyalty and dedication and keeps him around for the long haul.

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