Bruce Bochy’s Letter to the Fans

Today Bruce Bochy wrote a letter to the fans covering many topics. The general theme of the letter was gratitude. Bochy thanked the fans for coming out to games no matter what the standings are and no matter who the opponent is. Because of the Giants’ World Series title last year, fans have proven to be more dedicated and loyal than ever before. Tonight’s game marked history. The Giants set a franchise record with the highest single-season attendance in its 128-year history. A total of 3,303,000 fans came out to AT&T this season, breaking the previous record of 3,277,244 set in 2001. This attendance total is the 3rd best in the league behind the Phillies and Yankees. This is quite an impressive stat, and it’s great to see Bochy acknowledge that. Although his staff most likely prompted him to write this letter, this act of kindness does mean something to fans. As frustrating as some of Bochy’s decisions can be, he is a loyal, thankful man who really does see how special Giants fans are. It’s great to see a form of consolation on Bochy’s part, however rough this season might have been.

Read Bochy’s letter here.

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