LGW: Warriors SF Arena Update: 2018, Not 2017, Now That The Opposition Is Playing The Ballot Measure Card

The Golden State Warriors have put their move to San Francisco on hold. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Warriors are putting their goal of opening their proposed San Francisco arena by 2017 on hold for a year or longer.

The proposed arena would be 125 feet tall on Piers 30-32, and the project also includes a 175-foot condominium tower and two 105-foot mid-rise buildings that will become a hotel.

There have been many speed bumps on the Warriors’ road to building a new arena in San Francisco. First of all, the cost estimates for repairing Piers 30-32 have doubled to $180 million. These costs don’t include the actual construction of the arena also.

Second, there is serious opposition to this arena. One of the biggest points of opposition is the height of the proposed arena. On the piers, there is a 40-foot height limit, and on the lot that includes the tower and mid-rise buildings, there is a 105-foot height limit. Based on the estimates, the arena, and the project as a whole, would certainly exceed these height limits.

Arena opponents have collected more than 15,000 signatures for a ballot measure, which would prevent developers, including the Warriors, from exceeding certain height limits on the waterfront without getting voter approval.

Read the rest of the article on Let’s Go Warriors.

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