LGW: Golden State Warriors vs Washington Wizards Recap: Dubs Play Down To, And Lose To, Competition

(Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group)

(Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group)

The Golden State Warriors currently have a 27-19 record. In their last two games, they have played one team with a 33-13 record and another team with a 22-22 record. Conventional wisdom would suggest that the Warriors would win more easily against the team with the worse record. However, this was not the case.

In the first game of the two, the Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers, who currently have the third best record in the Western Conference, 103-88.

The Warriors won by a fairly significant margin against a quality team. They forced the Blazers, the NBA’s highest-scoring offense, to a season-low in points, and they forced them to shoot a season-low 33.7 percent. They held a probable Western Conference all-star in LaMarcus Aldridge to just 10 points.

In the second game of their two most recent games, the Warriors lost to the Washington Wizards 88-85. The Warriors played solid defense for all four quarters, holding the Wizards to 37.8 percent shooting. However, their offense disappeared in this game, and they only shot 37.5 percent from the field.

The Warriors have gotten into a bad habit of playing up or playing down to their competition. On one side, it’s great to see them playing good, competitive basketball against some of the best teams in the NBA.

However, it’s even harder to watch when they lose to a team that they should hypothetically beat fairly easily.

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