LGW: Golden State Warriors Need Strong Start, Better Defense Against Orlando Magic

(Joshua C. Cruey/Orlando Sentinel)

(Joshua C. Cruey/Orlando Sentinel)

The Golden State Warriors overcame another big deficit on Sunday to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime 108-104. The Warriors were down by as many as 17 points but rallied back in the second half to win.

There have been several occasions this season where the Warriors have dug themselves into a big hole early because they get off to a slow start and play poor defense. This was the case again on Sunday.

The Cavaliers shot 52.2 percent and scored 64 points in the first half. In the second half though, the Warriors held them to 30.4 percent shooting.

Draymond Green was a significant part of that defensive surge in the second half. He grabbed a career-high 12 rebounds and four blocks in the win. He explained the significance of this win to Brian Dulik of NBA.com.

“Getting down by 17 wasn’t ideal, but the games that you’re supposed to win, you have to win. It wasn’t quite in the fashion that we wanted to do it, but it was key that we came in here and got the win.”

Heading into their matchup today against the Orlando Magic, the Warriors need to play four full quarters of strong defense if they want to pull off this road win. They hope to bring in that same defensive intensity against the Magic that they had in the second half against the Cavaliers.

Read the rest of the article on Let’s Go Warriors.

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