Mike Malone Interview by Matt Steinmetz

The addition of Mike Malone to the Warriors coaching staff was a pivotal move by Mark Jackson and it represented an organizational shift towards defense. New Warriors assistant coach Mike Malone has been the “defensive coordinator” for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans Hornets. He’s been trained under some of the best defensive coaches, such as Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Brown, and Monty Williams, so it’s not surprising that he will become the defensive voice of the coaching staff.

Matt Steinmetz interviewed Mike Malone about the Warriors’ new defensive schemes, their new dedication to rebounding, and what their offense will look like. Malone claimed that the new Warriors will still be a run-and-gun team, but their run game will originate from defensive stops. He stressed that the Warriors’ style of play will center around: defense, rebounding, running with discipline, and valuing the basketball.

Read more about about his views on the lockout and this upcoming season here.

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