Matt Steinmetz’ View on Warriors Roster and Lockout

Matt Steinmetz had two posts recently on the CSN Bay Area website that have caught my attention. The first post discusses the current Warriors roster (from last season) and what players will most likely be back this upcoming season. Because of the lockout, the Warriors might have very limited time to sign any free agents, so the current Warriors roster will most likely be the same roster for this season. There are a few players that might be cut or sent to the D-League, but other than that, the 2010-2011 Warriors roster will be very similar to the 2011-2012 roster. Steinmetz lists every player and how many years/money is left on their contract, which is helpful in order to review who will be back this season. Within the post, there was a poll that asked “Who is the most important player for the future of the Warriors?” The possible answers were Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Davis Lee, and Klay Thompson. I had to answer it, mostly just to see the results, and I voted for Stephen Curry, obviously. Stephen Curry received 82% of all votes, Monta Ellis received 14%, David Lee received 0%, and Klay Thompson received 2%. I thought this was quite interesting along with being extremely true. Stephen Curry is the future of the Warriors, not Monta Ellis. This starts a whole other discussion, so look for this topic in another post in the future.
Read this post here.

Anyway, on to the other Matt Steinmetz post. This particular post is about the NBA lockout. Steinmetz shares his views on what the players want vs. what the owners want, if there will even be a season, and if there is, how long it will be. It was great to hear Steinmetz’ view on the lockout, because many other opinions on this subject are pessimistic, not just about when the lockout will end, but pessimistic in tone. It was refreshing to hear a more positive take on the lockout with a little more hope and a little less complaining.
Read this post here.

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