Brandon Belt: Summer School and Winter Ball

Brandon Belt’s latest blog post is one of his best. He shows this side of pure honesty that was always there throughout the season, but this post exemplifies it. Belt describes all the adjustments he had to make this year; in his confidence and mechanics. Belt is talented, but still a very young player. He realizes how complex baseball really is, and now he knows exactly what he has to work on. He has “graduated” from the summer school phase of the year, which included both his time with the Fresno Grizzlies and the Giants. Soon, he will move onto winter ball where he will be able to learn even more about the game, specifically hitting, which he claims was so inconsistent last year that “I’ve made adjustment after adjustment after adjustment so that it all kind of clustered together into one big complicated muddle.” Belt’s visit to the Dominican for winter ball is his first trip outside the country, so he must be very anxious. Being the classy player he is, Belt thanked the fans, not because he had to, but because he really meant it. With all the transitions that Belt had to make this season, he truly understands how important the fans’ support was to him.

Read his post in The Veteran and the Rook Blog here.

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